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DPP-160 is an medical blister packaging machine newly developed by our company mainly for pharmaceutical factories. This medical blister packaging machine can automatically pack electronic cigarettes, soft capsules, candy and other materials. As a dual-purpose model, the biggest advantage of this machine is its low operating cost and high cost performance.

Product Details

 At the same time, this medical blister packaging machine has functions such as sealing and punching, which is more intelligent and advanced.

 This medical blister packaging machine adopts a large platform design. The power transmission and the cam box are built under the machine, which not only guarantees safety but also facilitates cleaning and maintenance after use, and adopts casting on the cams of the forming, heat sealing, indentation and punching stations. The floor-standing box seat is integrally formed of steel, which can ensure that the cam is not deformed, and the center of the equipment is stable during operation, and the adjustment is more convenient and accurate.

 At the same time, the molding, heat-sealing and punching stations are fixed by the cam box mandrel and equipped with a safety cover. So that the horizontal positioning reference and adjustment scale can be unified, and it is convenient for customers to adjust; it can also protect the safety of the operator.



DPP-160R medical blister packaging machine


20~50 times/min

Production Capacity

1200-4200 plates/h

Max. Shaping Dia. And Depth 

130*100*15mm  Max. Depth 26mm(custom-made)

Standard Travel Range


Standard Plate


Power of Main Motor


Total Power



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