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DPP-260R is an aluminum plastic machine developed by Guangdong Ruiqi recently. It is a flat aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine. This machine is driven by a servo motor, which has more stable operation, better accuracy, and more convenient and quick adjustment.

Product Details

DPP-260R aluminum plastic machine can pack large-size materials such as tablets, milk tablets, capsules, candies, electronic cigarettes, disposable syringes, injections, and vials.



Production Capacity(pcs/hour)


Max. Shaping Dia. 

Max. Depth 26mm



20~180 blisters/min (aluminum plastic)

20~120 blisters/min (aluminum-aluminum)

Power of Main Motor


Total Power


Power supply


Standard Travel Range


Standard Plate


1.260r adopts servo motor, traction accuracy 0 error, fast speed.

2. The four station cams are made of cast steel integrally formed floor-standing box seat, and the adjustment of each station is light and accurate.

3. PVC and PTP fragments will stop, and there is an automatic alarm function, which greatly reduces waste and improves the efficiency of raw material utilization.

4.Mold modular design, easy to replace the mold, 10 minutes to complete the installation of a full set of molds.

5.This machine has all the data programmed, PLC control, Siemens touch screen operation, frequency conversion speed control, and simple operation.

6.This machine is equipped with blanking dislocation, photoelectric detection, and automatic shutdown function to protect molds and products from damage.

7.This machine can be a split combination, which can facilitate the machine to enter the elevator and is more convenient to install.

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