blister packaging machines for pharmacy

The weight of this machine is 1600 kg, and the overall dimensions are 2510×750×1450 mm. The power of the main motor is 1.1kW, and the total power is 3.78kW.The model of the main motor is Geer's RC series helical gear motor, and the stainless steel plates are 304 and 316 from South Korea and Japan.

Product Details

The blister packaging machine contains brand-name electrical appliances and integrated wiring, helical gear reducer motor and platoon chain drive, heat-sealed double-column double-shaft, blanking photoelectric dislocation shutdown protection.


less than75dBA

PVC thickness/width

140×0.25~0. 5mm

Thickness and Width of PTP


Dialysis Paper


Mold Cooling

Tap water or circulating water

Weight of machine

Net weight 1600 kg ;

Overall Size of Machine

2510×750×1451 mm

1.The stations equipped with safety covers are forming, heat-sealing and punching stations, which can protect people's safety.

2.Materials such as PVC, PS, PET, etc. can be used with a wide range of applications.

3.It is equipped with blanking dislocation to protect molds and products. It has the function of photoelectric detection and automatic shutdown.

4.The cam is made of cast steel and the floor-standing box seat is formed in one piece. The stations have forming, heat sealing, indentation, and punching stations, and the center of gravity of the operation is stable and will not be deformed.

5.Fragment stop function, automatic alarm function, reduce waste and protect mold.

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blister pack packaging machine

160r blister packing machine has blanking dislocation, fragments stop

blister packing machine ampoule

160r blister packing machine has waste recycling device, fixed by four uprights

blister packing machine ampoule

thermoform blister packing pill machine

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