flat plate blister packing machine

Dpp-260r is a high-speed flat aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine newly developed by our company. Compared with other models, it is more stable, accurate and convenient to use.The machine can be used in the production of more types of materials. It can not only pack tablets, but also large-size materials such as injections and vials.

Product Details




18-236000 capsules / hour

Maximum forming area and depth


Maximum depth

up to 26mm(customized)

Dpp-260r is a multi-purpose machine, which can be used from aluminum plastic to paper plastic or aluminum. It has complete functions and is an ideal choice for mass production.

We put safety in the first place, each station has a safety cover, at the same time has an emergency stop device, in case of emergency can automatically stop immediately, better protect the safety of the machine and workers.

In order to achieve zero error of traction accuracy, we use a new type of servo motor roller shaft traction mode, which can speed up the speed, and the packaging material will not retreat when stopping, so as to improve the efficiency.

In the four key positions of forming, heat sealing, indentation and blanking, the cam adopts the floor type box seat of cast steel integrated forming, so that the cam will not deform, and the adjustment becomes more convenient and accurate.

We use the Siemens touch screen operation mode, in order to make the data all programmed, make the operation more simple and more accurate.

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