pharma blister packaging machine

260r is a multi-functional pharma blister packaging machine meeting GMP requirements, including aluminum plastic, paper plastic, aluminum and so on. It is a new product of our company. It is an ideal product for large-scale production in pharmaceuticals, health care products, chemical products, electronic products and food.

Product Details

If the customer must, Rich packing Machinery Co.,Ltd. can provide good sales promotion, customs declaration, installation and other services.When you have to change the spare parts, we will supply the cost price of the spare parts instead of the retail price.Or inquire, our company will reply you via telephone remote video within half an hour.

Based on the severity of the problem, our company will decide whether it must be repaired. If necessary, our engineers can start working as quickly as possible within twenty four hours. Our medicine blister packaging machine will be guaranteed for two or three years.

Rich packing Machinery Co., Ltd.'s pharma blister packaging machine customers include Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Lijiang, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Shandong, Hebei, Italy, Canada, Spain, the United States, Morocco, Singapore, Russia, the Philippines, etc.

 Pharma blister packaging machine has Servo motor, large platform design, automatic alarm and other functions.


260R pharma blister packaging machine

 the production capacity

18000-236000 grains / h

The maximum molding area and depth

160×250*15mm the maximum depth26mm(customized)

 Blanking times

20~180 plates / min ((aluminum plastic)

20~120 plates / min (aluminum aluminum)

Air pressure


Air consumption

≥0.2m3/ min

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