high speed blister packing machine

160r aluminum plastic packaging machine, because it follows the requirements of GMP, is not only a machine to meet the R & D and production of Pharmaceutical (tablets, capsules, big honey pills, etc.) enterprises, but also a machine to meet the requirements of food and candy enterprises. It is also a machine suitable for both aluminum and aluminum plastic.

Product Details

160r high speed blister packing machine is composed of four working positions, including forming, heat sealing, indentation and blanking. Their cams are made of cast steel. They are floor type and placed under the machine in the form of box seat. In this way, they will not deform and operate more stably. And there is a scale of adjustment, more accurate adjustment of the station.


The working position ( forming, heat sealing and blanking ) of 160r high speed blister packing machine is protected by safety cover, which can protect employees and products. The packaging is safe and the use is assured.


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high speed blister packing machine

Blanking Times

20-50 times / min

Production Capacity

1200-4200 plates/ hours

Max. Shaping Dia.

The Max. Depth

130*100*15 mm

The Max. Depth 26mm (can custom made)

Standard Travel Range ( MM )

40-110 mm

Standard Plate ( MM )

80*57 mm

Power of Main Motor (KW)

1.5 kW


less than < 75dBA

Dialysis Paper

50~100g*150 mm

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blister pack packaging machine

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blister packing machine

thermoform blister packing pill machine

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