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As the company's latest high-speed flat aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, dpp-260r is driven by servo motor, and has the integrated functions of automatic forming and feeding. Make the machine more accurate, adjust more convenient and fast, run more stable. It is an ideal choice for mass production.

Product Details



Blanking times

20~180 Board / min(Aluminum plastic)

20~120  Board / min(Aluminium aluminium)

Main motor power


Total power 


Power Supply


Dpp-260r can not only pack tablets, but also pack capsules, candy and other large-size materials. At the same time, this model is a multi-purpose model, which can be used in the case of aluminum or aluminum plastic / paper plastic.

In order to improve the utilization rate of raw materials and production efficiency, when PVC and PTP are broken, it will stop automatically and give an alarm, so as to reduce the waste. By programming the data, the operation is simpler, and the PVC feeding is detected by photoelectric, the feeding quantity is accurate, and the machine runs faster.

In order to ensure the stability of the equipment, we adopt a new helical gear reduction motor, and each station is fixed by four columns.

In order to ensure the convenience of transportation and installation, the machine adopts split type combination, which can easily enter the elevator and install. In the after-sales aspect, because the electrical appliances are all famous brand products, centralized modular design, so the machine maintenance is very convenient.

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