tablet blister packing machine

Dpp-260r is a high-speed flat aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine with automatic forming, feeding, sealing and servo traction functions. Dpp-260r adopts servo motor drive, which is more stable, more accurate and more convenient than previous models. At the same time, it can pack tablets such as milk tablets, disposable syringes and large-size objects such as shaped objects, candy and big honeyballs.

Product Details

Standard travel range


Standard section


PVC Thickness / width


PTP Thickness / width of aluminum foil


Dialysis paper


Dpp-260r is a mould modular design, drawing card slot quick connection installation, easy to replace the mold, 10 minutes to complete the installation of a full set of molds. increase of efficiency.

The machine adopts a large platform design, and the power transmission and cam box are all built under the body, which is convenient for cleaning and maintenance after use.

On the detail position: the heat sealing position adopts double cylinder and double axis linkage, with large and balanced pressure, good combination of PVC and aluminum foil, clear grain and no wrinkling. Chain drive, low noise, less than 75dBA.

The machine is suitable for a wide range of materials, such as PVC, PS, pet and so on. In order to make the machine more clean and non-toxic production environment, non-toxic anti-corrosion materials are used in the parts in contact with drugs, and waste recycling device is also equipped. In order to improve the level of packaging, you can choose to add photoelectric detection system and graphic version function.

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