pharmaceutical blister packing machine

The pharmaceutical blister packing machine 160r is a blister sealed package suitable for capsules, tablets, injections, etc., as well as medical devices, food, candy, etc., which can automatically pack the above materials into aluminum plastic panels or aluminum aluminum panels, which strictly meets GMP requirements.

Product Details

From the initial development of the pharmaceutical blister packing machine machine, the pharmaceutical blister packing machine was only developed for the mass production of pharmaceuticals.  Later, with the progress of life and the pursuit of material, this machine is also suitable for mass production and packaging in food, electronics, chemical and other industries, saving time and effort, and saving labor.


Later, people pursued not only various products, but also product packaging. Even for pharmaceuticals, products with different shapes appeared. Our company has more than 20 professional researchers, who have made new research and innovations specifically for packaging. 160r can replace different molds to achieve packaging of different sizes of materials, and can also achieve different shapes of packaging, which can better meet people's needs demand.


The 160r pharmaceutical blister packing machine has PVC feeding, forming station, feeder, PLC screen, heat sealing station, creasing station, punching station, etc., carries out a series of operations, and finally obtains the finished product.



DPP-160 pharmaceutical blister packing machine


20~50 times/ min

Production Capacity

1200-4200 plates/ h

Max. Shaping Dia. And Depth 


And the Max. Depth 26mm(can custom made)

Servo motor


server Driver


PLC main module


PLC temperature module


PLC touch screen



United States

Rip Ann Waco


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