tablet or capsule blister packing machine

Our main products include tablet presse machine, capsule filling machine, counting machine, tablet or capsule blister packing machine and cartoning machines. We have 28 years of experience in production machinery. The company can provide you with quality control, customs declaration, customs clearance, installation, training and other processes, and has won the trust of companies such as JUUL USPHARMA.

Product Details

Dpp-130 tablet or capsule blister packing machine is a newly developed aluminum plastic blister packaging machine, which can automatically load tablets, capsules, candy and other materials into the special equipment of aluminum plastic and aluminum plate. It is a dual-purpose machine. It has the functions of full-automatic forming and feeding, and is the best choice for medium and small batch production.

It has many advantages, including: its cost performance is very high, because it is a dual-use mode of aluminum plastic and aluminum, so the operating cost is greatly reduced. It is also equipped with indentation device and waste recycling device, which can facilitate the use of customers and improve the efficiency of production.

If you need to upgrade the level of packaging, the optional items of the machine include sealed hatch cover, photoelectric detection system and image and text matching function.

The materials of the tablet or capsule blister packing machine are widely used, including PVC, PS, pet and so on.


DPP-130 tablet or capsule blister packing machine

Blanking times

10~40 times / min

Production capacity

2400 editions / hour

The maximum molding area and depth

110*80*15mm the maximum depth is 25mm (customized)

The standard travel range


Standard block


The main motor power


The total power


Power supply


Air pressure

0.6-0.8 MPa

Noise index


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