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Dpp-260r is a high-speed flat aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine newly developed by our company. It is driven by servo motor, so the accuracy of the machine is higher and more stable, and the adjustment is more convenient. The machine can not only pack large-size materials such as capsules and candy, but also pack tablets such as tablets.

Product Details



The production capacity

18000-236000 grains / h

The maximum molding area and depth

160 × 250 * 15mm

Maximum depth

26mm (custom)

The main motor power


The total power


This product has the functions of automatic forming, feeding, sealing and servo traction, so it is an ideal product for large-scale production of pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Because the machine is a new type of servo motor roller shaft traction, so the traction accuracy can reach 0 error, at the same time, the speed is faster, and the stop package material does not retreat.

The machine adopts a large platform design, the power transmission and cam box are placed under the body, so that the design makes cleaning and maintenance more convenient.

The cam of forming, heat seal, indentation and blanking station adopts the floor type box base formed by cast steel, and the forming, heat sealing and blanking stations are fixed by the camshaft of the cam box. Therefore, the center of gravity of the equipment operation is stable, and the adjustment is light and accurate.

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