blister pack sealing machine

RQ-260r series is aluminum plastic and paper plastic aluminum aluminum multi-type, with automatic forming material seal and servo traction function, in line with GMP production requirements, and is an ideal product for mass production of pharmaceutical and health products and electronic food.

Product Details

The cams of forming, heat sealing, indentation and blanking are floor type box seats, which are made of cast steel and are stable. The center of gravity of the blister pack sealing machine is stable, and the adjustment of each position is convenient and accurate.

Blister pack sealing machine is a large platform type, power transmission and floor cam box are built in the lower part of the machine, convenient to use, clean and protect.

PVC and PTP chips will be shut down, and there will be an active alarm function, which will reduce waste and improve the application effectiveness of raw materials.

The mould is designed by module. It adopts the drawing slot and quick connection installation. It is convenient and quick for customers to change the mould. The installation of a set of mould can be completed in about 10 minutes.

The forming, heat sealing and blanking stations are fixed by the cam box mandrel, with consistent positioning and conditioning standards, which makes it more convenient to adjust the position.

Blister pack sealing machine with blanking dislocation, photoelectric detection and automatic shutdown function, to protect the mold and products.

Modelblister pack sealing machine 260r
The production capacity18000-236000 grains / h
The maximum molding area160 × 250 * 15.1mm
the maximum depth26mm (customized)
PLC touch screenSiemens, Germany

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