alu pvc blister packaging

Dpp-260r alu pvc blister packaging is aluminum plastic / paper plastic, aluminum aluminum multi-functional model. This is a high-speed flat aluminum plastic blister packaging machine recently developed by Ruiqi. Convenient for customers to operate, fast and time-saving, save effort.It is an essential machine in the pharmaceutical, health and chemical industries.

Product Details

Alu pvc blister packaging has the heat sealing position adopts double cylinder and double shaft linkage, the pressure is large and balanced, the combination of PVC and aluminum foil is good, the grain is clear, and there is no wrinkle.

The new type of helical gear is adopted to accelerate the mechanical and electrical equipment, and the operation of the equipment is stable.

Alu pvc blister packaging has Electrical appliances adopt famous brand products, centralized modular design, convenient inspection.

Each station is fixed by four columns, with good stability.

Equipped with emergency stop equipment, it can stop immediately in case of emergency.

There are waste receiving and taking over equipment, all parts in contact with drugs are made of excellent 316 stainless steel, high-quality aluminum alloy and other non-toxic anti-corrosion materials, in line with GMP specifications.

The photoelectric detection system and image and text matching function can be purchased to improve the packaging level.

Alu pvc blister packaging PVC and PTP cut-off stop and automatic alarm function, reduce waste, improve the utilization of raw materials.

production capacity

1.8~23.6 grains / h

The maximum molding area and depth

160 × 250 * 15mm,

 the maximum depth is 26mm (customized)

Servo motor

Servo motor Taiwan Delta

Servo drive

Servo drive Taiwan Delta

PLC main module


PLC temperature module


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