flat plate automatic blister packing machine

The 160r automatic blister machine is a machine suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industries. It is the packaging of capsules, soft capsules, tablets, milk tablets, sugar-coated tablets, electronic cigarettes, etc. You can use PS/PET/PVC, as well as aluminum-aluminum, aluminum-plastic and paper-plastic, etc., which will bring you more options for packaging.

Product Details

160r flat plate automatic blister packing machine is one of our company's best-selling products. Firstly, because of the wide range of materials used in the machine packaging and the low cost of machine operation, and secondly because of its high cost performance and economic benefits.

160r flat plate automatic blister packing machine has a large platform design, with a new type of servo motor, PVC motor and helical gear reducer motor. It has four stations, an integrally formed floor box, a mold drawing card slot design, and four pillars to fix it, and it is equipped with a safety cover.

flat plate automatic blister packing machine also has PVC feed photoelectric detection, active alarm when the fragment is stopped, emergency stop button, heat sealing station adopts dual-cylinder and dual-axis linkage, waste recycling and other functions.

The above functions are enough to prove that the 160r has multiple functions. Our machine meets GMP requirements, has a very high configuration, and makes your packaging more worry-free.


DPP-160 flat plate automatic blister packing machine


20~50 times/ min

Production Capacity

1200-4200 plates/ h

Max. Shaping Dia. And Depth 


and the Max. Depth 26mm(can custom-made)

Servo motor


server Driver


PLC main module


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DPP-160R blister machine

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DPP-160R blister-packing-machine

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