honey blister packing machine

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Product Details

Is the customer still looking for an honey blister packing machine suitable for packaging liquid products? The 260s honey blister packing machine can definitely meet customer requirements. This product can pack chocolate sauce, salad dressing, jam, ketchup, olive oil, honey, cream, butter, essential oil, hair mask, facial mask and other such products.

In addition to packaging liquid products, this honey blister packing machine is also beneficial to customer operations. For example, its mold operation is also easy for customers to install and adjust, can be positioned with one key, and will not move left or right after being locked. Moreover, the mold guide rail of this product is very stable, customers basically do not need to adjust the mold, and the operation is more reliable.

The 260s traction station uses imported Panasonic servo motors. The towing distance is 185mm (maximum). The machine not only supports long-term operation and production, but also makes the operation and operation of customers more convenient.



DPP-260S honey blister packing machine

Production Capacity

2400- 9600 pellets per hour

Max. Shaping Dia. And

The Max. Depth 

250*140*15 mm 

The Max. Depth 26mm(can custom-made)


10~45 times/ min

Servo Motor


Adjusting Speed Plate


Touch screen


Air circuit breaker


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