pharma blister packaging packing machine

Guangdong Rich packing has a history of 28 years and has more than 23 professional production researchers. The factory produces more than 3,000 machines per year. Whether in production experience or production capacity, we have a certain guarantee. This aluminum plastic machine is developed by our company carefully, and it is the best-selling machine that best meets people's needs.

Product Details

The most important part of the pharma blister packaging packing machine is very important, and it affects the state of the final product. Each station affects each other, and the final product is the flat aluminum foil with clear lines.

The pharma blister packaging packing machine also has a certain degree of guarantee to the customer. And each production step can provide inspection, control and testing, and the machine can be delivered to you safely and without damage. It also provides you with a two-year free warranty and lifetime after-sales service.

As long as there is a problem with your pharma blister packaging packing machine, or if you have any doubts about the machine, please contact us immediately! We guarantee to give you an answer within 24 hours. If you still need the assistance of an engineer, we can also arrange for a professional engineer to go to the site to answer your questions.



DPP-160 pharma blister packaging packing machine

Max. Shaping Dia. And Depth

130*100*15mm  Max. Depth 26mm(custom-made)

Standard Travel Range


Standard Plate


Power of Main Motor


Total Power




Mold Cooling

Runing water or circulating water


Net weight 1600 kg ;


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DPP-160R blister machine

blister packer machine

blister packer

blister packing machine

DPP-160R blister-packing-machine

pvc blister packing machine

auto blister packing machine

160r blister machine

alu alu blister packing machine

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