Capsule Filler Machine Semi-auto

CGN-208 Semi automatic capsule filling machine is a new equipment for filling powder, granule or pellet into hard hollow capsule.this semi auto manaual capsule filling machine can be used for filling 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 standard capsules.

Product Details

1.CGN-208 semi auto capsule filling machine The structure of the semi capsule filling machine is novel, the structure of the capsule locking is improved, saves labor, improves work efficiency, has beautiful appearance and meets the requirements of GMP production. 
2.CGN-208 semi auto capsule filling machine then semi-auto capsule filling machine is the preferred product for many pharmaceutical manufacturers, health care products manufacturers, hospitals, mass production or laboratories.
3.CGN-208 semi auto capsule filling machine manual automatic capsule filling machine is easy to operate and stable operation.

4. The position of the lock pocket is put in a flat way, which is locked by using the cylinder starting principle, which greatly reduces labor intensity, saves manpower resources, and reduces the leakage of the powder in the process of locking, improving the utilization efficiency and quality of the raw materials.


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