NJP Capsule Filling Machine

This automatic capsule fill machines can automatically finish the production process including sowing, capsule separating, filling, locking, unqualified capsule rejected and finished products output. Pharmacy capsule filling equipment can fill powder, granules and other materials into hollow capsules (000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#).

Product Details

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution in Europe, many European countries took the lead in the transition from pure manual operation to production line operation. Today, most parts of the world have developed the production of machines and commodities to automation and computerization. In the pharmaceutical and packaging machinery industry, has also been fully developed, on behalf of the machinery is the capsule filling machine automation process.

Thanks to the accumulation of talents and abundant capital, the automatic capsule filling machine was first invented in Europe. In China, with the advantage of a large population and the popularization of education, we have a large number of high-quality talents who have gone through higher education, so there are a lot of R & D personnel in every machinery production industry. On the basis of international advanced experience, RQ group makes full use of its own advantages to promote the development of capsule filling machine to a new height.

Our company has semi-automatic and fully automatic machines, which can meet 95% of the market demand.

At present, the fully automatic capsule filler model has developed to D-class model after several rounds of upgrading. Compared with the old models a, B and C, they have made a lot of updates in appearance and function. Production costs and efficiency increased by 30%. According to the market survey, the semi-automatic model has been upgraded from single filling position to multi filling position, and the production capacity per unit time has been doubled.

what's the name NJP 1500
how fast speed  pcs/min1469.9
data weight 1,175.50kg around
what to fillpowder/grainule

small capsule filling machine

pill filling machine

capsule filling machine 00

800 capsule filling machine

automatic capsule filling machine for sale

dosator type capsule filling machine

capsule filling machine

pill filler

small automatic capsule filling machine

capsule filling machine 00

the capsule machine 00

capsule filling machine size 2

000 capsule machine

capsule filling machine 0

size 0 capsule machine

Capsule Filling Machine Size 5

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