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The capsule filling machine is the third generation of innovative products of pharmacy machinery. The capsule filler machine has 6 technological innovations and 2 invention patents. Pharmacy capsule filling equipment can fill powder, granules and other materials into hollow capsules (000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#).

Product Details

1According to the modular and integrated design idea, three tail fixed brackets are added to improve the bearing capacity of the bracket, so that the upper part and the bottom of the equipment form an organic unified structure, and the stability is greatly enhanced.

2The mechanism of capsule won the national utility models patent, using cylinder push pull over discharge, avoid dust.

3Equipped with on-line air pressure die cleaning system, the upper and lower dies are clean and without dust, improve the sowing effect.

4Precision mold concentricity, zero deviation, ensure that the capsule is not wiping, no damage.

5Automatic rejection device, improve the charging efficiency.

6The control appliance adopts the world famous brand, modularized setup, convenient inspection and maintenance, SIEMENS human machine interface, real-time counting, and can print the equipment according to customer needs, print production date, batch number, code, etc.

NJP-2600C fully automatic capsule filling machine

NJP-2600C capsule filler

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