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Richpacking's NJP series 1500 D type capsule filler adopt numbers of innovative technologies and practical patents, which is very suitable for filling Chinese / Western medicine materials into hard shell capsules (000-00-0 and 1-5 #size)

Product Details

1500d is an ideal production equipment for filling traditional Chinese western medicine and health care products.

The machine adopts a number of innovative technologies and China's national practical patents, and the production requirements are far higher than the industry standards. NJP series 1500d capsule filling machine of richpacking company is suitable for filling western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine capsules (000-00-0, No. 1-5).

The model can automatically complete the production process, including separation / seeding / filling / locking capsule and output.

Due to the SGS CE standard, the machine runs without dust.

Main Features

1. Original design, this type of capsule packing adopts modular design, stable platform design.

2. The working system of the whole set of capsule filling machine has good operation safety and carries out the concept of safety first.

3. Using air pressure to clean the mold, the mold involved in the operation is dust-free.

4. The design of the filling rod of the machine adopts the design of the pulling slot and a new type of holder. When the filling capsule model needs to be changed, it only takes 15 minutes to complete.

5. Many parts of the capsule filling machine, such as metering plate, filling rod, upper and lower mold holes, are processed by electrodeless electronic polishing, so the problems of sticky material, sticky punching, sticky mold, difficult filling and so on are solved.

6. The parts of the capsule filling machine (hopper, shock tank, etc.) are made of stainless steel 316, and the seven series aviation aluminum material is used in the capsule waste removal device, which is fully in line with the drug and food production management regulations.

name of capsule filler machine 1500 D type
machine speed  (pcs/min)1450 per min
weight of this capsule filler1,180kg around
for what kinds of materialspowder, pills

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