Hard Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine

Capacity Max. 130cartons/min. This vertical box loader occupies a smaller area of production plant and higher production than other horizontal box loading machines. The 120L's outline dimension is 215*110*180 centimeter.Both the front and back servo motors of our machine adopt the system overload protection scheme.

Product Details

The product cartoner machine you are reading and checking is the 120L automatic cartoning machine made by our RQ company. The research and development of this machine is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of small workshops or individual households. It has many features such as a small occupation area, reasonable and compact design of various components, and easy detection and adjustment of faults.

The current carton package transfer product market is more complicated, showing more and more fragmented and independent prospects. Based on such market prospects, it can be simply summarized as small factories with low production frequency and less long-term continuous production. In order to meet market changes, different product specifications need to be changed frequently to produce. Therefore, the conclusion we have drawn from these market changes is that the automatic cartoning machine that is most suitable for small-scale production is a vertical type. 

The first key point is the simplicity of installation, debugging and mold replacement. We have made major improvements in the parts of the machine regarding the replacement of molds. Now if customers need to replace products with different specifications, they only need to replace less than five parts.


vertical Dype 120-L 


131 cartons/min max.


725 W




4,310*1,100*1,550 mm

Net weight of 120 W

around 1,610kg

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