Capsule Filler Machine

​Use seven new innovation and two patents, the Richpacking's NJP series the 1500 D-type capsule filling machine, very good to fill chinese/western medical materials into capsules(000-00-0,and 1-5# size).

Product Details

1500D is the ideal equipment to fill health products, Chinese and Western medicine.

the model has use seven new innovation, and two patents, Richpacking's NJP series 1500 D type capsule filling machine, good to fill western or chinese medical material into capsules (000-00-0,and 1-5# size).

This models could auto done the product process,include separate/sow/fill/lock capsule,  and output. 

because of It meet SGS CE stanard, when machine operate, has no-dust.

Main Features

1、New design, this model capsule filler adopt  modular-design, low-platforming design.

2、the whole working station have high personal safety, very Safe pledge.

3、With air pressure die cleaning, our machine's lower and upper dies are very clean and no dust.

name of machine capsule filler machine
max speed  (pcs/min)1550
weight of it1,210kg
for kinds of materialspowder, pill

capsule machine

 This machine has SUS-304 BODY, hollow capsule filling feeder,.

the capsule machine

This 1500-D capsule filling machine have using SIL sealing ring , no dust pollution, very high sealing.

capsule making machine

and We also have PLC touch system, the fuction of print.

capsule machine 00

Why our machine can replace molds in 15.5min! That's because the filling rods holder-design!

000 capsule machine

best capsule filling machine

pill capsule machine

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