NJP 1500D Fully Auto Capsule Filler

The capsule filling machine is the third generation of innovative products of pharmacy machinery. The capsule filler machine has 6 technological innovations and 2 invention patents. Pharmacy capsule filling equipment can fill powder, granules and other materials into hollow capsules (000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#).

Product Details


1NJP-1500D capsule filling machine adopts large high precision cam indexing box completely changed the past 83DS failure frequency, even the phenomenon of the fracture of the force shaft and the output shaft. It is the only enterprise that adopts 100DS and 100DS indexing box in our country at present. The continuous operation of the equipment has been guaranteed.

2The inner groove cam of NJP-1500D capsule filling machine is formed by CNC machining center once, no splitting, no splicing, no gap, better stability, no noise in the transmission mechanism in high-speed production of equipment.

3、The filling mechanism obtains the national new patent, adopts the three-dimensional adjustment, makes the metering plate evenly force, the adjustment volume is precise and quick, and the powder recovery device is added, the recycling rate is 100%, which reduces the waste and improves the economic benefit.

4、Capsule suction, capsule outlet, locking and waste rejection adapt double sealing device, one is imported NBR sealing rubber which prevents the loss of lubricating oil. The other seals use the imported SIL silicone rubber sealing ring to block the powder into the bearing, which effectively solves the problem of the card machine that the powder enters the bearing.

5The capsule filling machine filling rod holder adopts the drawing card slot design, and it is more convenient to replace various types of filling rods.

6、Equipped with on-line air pressure die cleaning system, the upper and lower dies are clean and without dust, improve the sowing effect.

parameters of NJP-1500D capsule filling machine

Production capacity

90000 pcs/h

Net weight of machine


Overall size of machine



380/220V    50Hz

Total power


No.of segment bores




Dust collector

24.5Kpa  210m3/h



Making rate

Empty capsule 99.9%   Full capsule 99.8%

Applicable capsule


Filling error

Western medicine:±3%   Chinese medicine:±4%

Applicable product


Packing size


NJP-1500D high speed capsule filling machineNJP-1500D automatic capsule filling machineNJP-1500D  capsule filler with 00 sizename card

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