NJP-800 Automatic Pharmaceutical Capsule Filler

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Product Details

Fully automatic capsule filling machine ,and this kind mahcine is a very good machine for filling your material into empty capsule,which is use to factory,school,hospital ,company and so on

1Capsule suction, capsule outlet, locking and waste rejection adapt double sealing device, one is imported NBR sealing rubber which prevents the loss of lubricating oil. The other seals use the imported SIL silicone rubber sealing ring to block the powder into the bearing, which effectively solves the problem of the card machine that the powder enters the bearing.

2The filling rod, the upper and lower die holes, the measuring disk adapt non polar electronic polishing treatment, enhance the material fluidity, which has solved the problems of sticky of material, stick with mold and easy to absorb moisture. (According to the material properties and the special requirements of customers, we can provide the Teflon coating processing service)

3Equipped with on-line air pressure die cleaning system, the upper and lower dies are clean and without dust, improve the sowing effect.

4Precision mold concentricity, zero deviation, ensure that the capsule is not wiping, no damage.


main information

Production capacity

48000 pcs/h

Net weight of machine


Overall size of machine



380/220V 50Hz

Total power


No.of segment bores




Dust collector

17.6Kpa  180m3/h



Making rate

Empty capsule 99.9%   Full capsule 99.8%

Applicable capsule


Filling error

Western medicine:±3%   Chinese medicine:±4%

Applicable product



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