Vitamin Capsule Filler Machine

this model NJP-1200 fully automatic capsule filling machine can fill powder, granules and other materials into hollow capsules (000#, 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#). This automatic capsule fill machines can automatically finish the production process including sowing, capsule separating, filling, locking, unqualified capsule rejected and finished products output.

Product Details

1、NJP-1200C fully automatic capsule filling machine the mechanism of capsule won the national utility models patent

2、NJP-1200C fully automatic capsule filing machine can fill the powder into all size international size capsule ,like 00 and 0 ,this two size is the hot selling size capsule filling type,also some customer choose the 000 and 1 and 2 ,these all size capsule our machine can fill,so just forward your own requirements

3、this kind machine have advanced for many kind parts,like the turntable ,our machine is use the no oil turntable ,and the feeder adopt the Pneumatic feeder ,not the screw,which can let the powder putting very smoothly

4、This NJP-1200C fully automatic capsule filling machine  use the imported SIL silicone rubber sealing ring to block the powder into the bearing, which effectively solves the problem of the card machine that the powder enters the bearing.

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