120 Horizontal Cartoning Packing Machine

RQ-ZH-120W Horizontal cartoning packing machine are made of nickel chromium and stainless steel material,with stable chemical performance,corrosion resistance,non toxicity and harmlessness.It can packing all kinds of products,such as bottles,condom,sachets,soft tube and etc.Machine speed can up to 120 cartons per minute.

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RQ-ZH-120W automatic horizontal cartoning and packaging machine is suitable for boxes of various specifications. It can pack multiple different products, such as pellet bags, coffee bars, condoms, plastic bottles, glass bottles and other products. This machine adopts a fully automatic setting system, from product feeding, suction boxes, box forming, and conveyor belt transportation , Manual folding, product inspection, batch number printing, etc. are all automatically completed, thereby improving work efficiency. The carton sealing method can be carton folding sealing or hot melt glue sealing.

All materials of this horizontal cartoning and packaging machine are nickel-chromium or stainless steel, with stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and harmless. The welding position tempering is durable and stable, suitable for 24 hours operation.

>>All spare part of this horizontal cartoning packing machine adopt international famous brands, such as Siemens, Becker, Omron, etc.

>>The feeding part of horizontal cartoning packing machine adopts double servo motor,speed up to 120 carton/min,compared with single servo motor,it has fast speed and stable operation.

>>All spare part are engraved with codes,convenient maintenance and repair.

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8.cartoning packing machine detailed

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Technician Parameters




30-125 carton/min

Total power

0.750 KW

Power supply

220/380V   50Hz

Requirements of carton

size range of carton:L(70-185)*W(35-90)*H(14-50)mm

carton weight:250-350g/㎡

Requirements of instructions

size range of instructions:L(78-250)*W(90-170)mm

range of folding times of instructions:1-4 fold
instructions weight:60-70g/㎡


pressure intensity:≥0.6MPa

air consumption:120-160 L/min

Overall size of machine


Net weight of machine

about 1600kg

Cartoning packing machine workshop

cartoning packing machine workshop

We professional in pharmaceutical machine such as the whole line of cartoning packing machine,blister packing machine,capsule and tablet counting machine,capsule filling machine,tablet press machine for near 27 years,that our all machine meets the requirements of GMP and obtained CE certificate and SGS certification.

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Serbia,Columbia,Singapore,Mexico,Australia and so on.And our old customers gave us the highest appraisal of our machines.

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