Automatic Horizontal Cartoner

DPP-1 3 0 Medication blister packaging machine,pharmaceutical blister packaging machines Introduction This medication blister packaging machine is applicable for blister packing tablet, capsule, pill, candy,chewing gum and other solid product.

Product Details

120L model: Our Automatic Horizontal Cartoner is a model that has been upgraded and improved after several rounds. After theoretical verification and experimental model verification, we have obtained this fifth generation Horizontal Cartoner model. To today's vertical and horizontal machine products, it has lots of advantages and meet the packing production of a variety of materials, include bottled, bagged, and striped products. To the obsolete, our Automatic Horizontal Cartoner company has optimized the work stations, like box folding, feeding, synchronization, coordination, paper folding, and packaging. The advance of science and technology is bring well-being to the society. We must make efforts to enjoy industrialization for our customers.

Market demand: Users need to pack a variety of items in cartons to present them to consumers. The items involve daily necessities, food, and most importantly, the packaging of medicines. The purely manual feeding method of workers can no longer meet the demand for high production volume, so we have developed various high-speed feeding devices, which are accurate, non-destructive and fast.

Contact RQ: With the required for makings the weight, size, thickness, and folding parameters of the packaging carton, RQ will provide you with the best services. In 28 years of hard work, we have cooperated with more than one hundred thousands people from all over the world. These guests companies from European countries include Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Lisbon in Spain, Venice in Italy, Birmingham in the UK, Berlin in Germany, etc.


Richpacking 120-W Model

Running Speed capacity

135 cartons/min max.

Requirements for paper carton


weight:250-350g /square meter

Requires of instruction books

size range of instructions:L(78-250)*W(90-170)mm

range of foldings:

max. folds to 4 times


4,350*1,150*1,580 mm

Net weight of 120 W

around 1,599kg

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for face cleaning cream, medicine materials, bottle made by glass, daily useful thing of living, medicines, jam soap, fruit soap, rice milk soap,daily cosmetics,etc.

carton box packaging machine

can fit for so many kinds of feeding way design, as your demands.

auto cartoner

carton box packing machine price

The unstop working time: 365*24 hours, make your stable production.

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