Perfume Bottle Cartoning Machine

Capacity Max. 130cartons/min. This vertical box loader occupies a smaller area of production plant and higher production than other horizontal box loading machines. The 120L's outline dimension is 215*110*180 centimeter.Both the front and back servo motors of our machine adopt the system overload protection scheme.

Product Details

Today, the women's aesthetic appreciation is increasing in the world.  The Cosmetics, especially perfume bottle products, are welcomed by more and more the young girls and women, and their market potential in male groups is also rising.

Perfume products, whether they are single or multiple fragrances, are in a carton gift package. Our company has developed 120 vertical automatic box carton machine. At an hour's capacity of up to seven thousand, the perfume bottle can be accurately and quickly loaded in the cartons.

Our RQ company in the pharmacy machinery and food grade packaging equipment industry from the year 1993 to today, the production of automatic cartoning machine standards is far up from other commonly used for packaging daily necessities and the cosmetics products.

The characteristics of perfume products determine that it is no need for top level hygiene standards in the production process, nor does it requires a complete set of matching equipment for the packaging production line. So we have eliminated the production stations that can not be used when packaging perfume, and integrated the necessary process of the perfume automatic carton box machine to this 120L cartooner machine. You don't need to waste additional capital cost for the parts you cannot use. At the same time, especially for perfume packaging research and development equipment, you can make your production more efficient and low cost.

Model 120L'stype

cartoner machiner

capacity fast

130 pcs/min

power of it

725 W

Voltage /V


Overall size

431*110*155 cm

Net weight 


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