Biscuit Cartoning Machine

Our vertical or horizontal automatic cartoning machine for biscuit can meet the needs of fast cartoning in the market. The cartons of triangular column, cube and polygonal column in the market can meet the needs of paper carton packaging customization as long as you put forward.

Product Details

Along with all the countries on the earth from feudal society, colonial society into modern society, people are free from the most basic food needs. Nowadays, the demand for automatic carton box packing food is not only limited to food, but also the pursuit of food quality and improvement.

Now more and more people pay attention to health and taste of food, so more and more people like snacks. Multi flavor biscuit is a kind of snack to meet this demand, which is separated from the previous paper or single plastic bag packaging. Now biscuit manufacturers gradually use cartons to cartoning packing biscuit products.

The demand for snacks is very large, so the small batch production or manual packaging of carton biscuits is not only small in quantity, but also can not meet the food production standards. At present, the popular way is to use the fast automatic cartooning machine to produce biscuits in large factories with perfect management.

Our RQ company specially produces an automatic box filling machine for biscuit carton packaging, which can fold the carton with relatively high hardness to form. There is sufficient space between the outer carton and the biscuit packed in tin foil or plastic bag, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the inner biscuit, that is, it will not be easily crushed when it is squeezed or dropped by gravity.

Model 120L'stype

cartoner machiner

capacity fast

130 pcs/min

power of it

725 W

Voltage /V


Overall size

431*110*155 cm

Net weight 


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