High Speed Bottle Cartoning Machine

This vertical box loader occupies a smaller area of production plant and higher production than other horizontal box loading machines. The 120LL's outline dimension is 215*110*180 centimeter.Both the front and back servo motors of our machine adopt the system overload protection scheme.

Product Details

Modern industrialization was first developed in well-known European countries such as Britain and Germany. Most important of all, mechanical inventions such as the steam engine have broadened man's horizon. As the machinery and products are produced through the assembly line, the required labor force is reduced from hundreds of people to only a few people to operate the machine can be, so that a large number of labor from the pure manual labor liberated, so that skilled workers can spend more time and energy in the research and development of the automation field of cartoner machine .

As far as the production of a single fixed program is concerned, it is very inefficient to rely solely on manpower, but large-scale mass production can be realized by assembling and connecting the machine. In the past, skilled workers packed products in cartons in less than 30 seconds. Today, it is made by automatic cartridges. The minimum output per minute has exceeded 100. Efficiency is several times better, and faster models are hundreds of times better. . For example, our RQ Group has designed a 120L vertical automatic cartoner machine with a production efficiency of 20-130 pieces per minute, depending on the carton and packaging material.

The raw materials we buy are tested layer by layer and then re-forged in the blast furnace. Various precious metals are added to enhance the material for higher hardness and better ductility. It is guaranteed automatically at the beginning of production. The operation stability of the cartoner machine .


vertical Dype 120-L 


131 cartons/min max.


725 W




4,310*1,100*1,550 mm

Net weight of 120 W

around 1,610kg

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