Toothpaste Cartonig Packing Machine

RQ-ZH-120W Automatic horizontal cartoning packing machine can automatically and quickly pack aluminum plastic board, electronic cigarette, facial cleanser, ointment, soft bag, bottle, powder, granule bag, condom, soft double-layer aluminum, gypsum, coffee, mask and etc.

Product Details

Main Features:

1.All the material are made of nickel-chromiumplated or stainless steel material,corrosion resistance,non-toxicity and harmlessness.

2.When machine breaks down,the specific situation can be check on the PLC,convenient to maintenance and repair.

3.The machine has high sealing degree of organic glass,which fully meets the requirements of GMP.

4.It suitable for 24 hours operation.

Technician Parameters:


2.Speed:30-120 cartons per minute

3.Total power:0.750KW

4.pressure intensity:>0.6 Mpa

5.Air consumption:120-160L/min

6.Size of machine:3100*1100*1550mm

7.Net weight:1600kg

Structure of machine part:

1.Multiple inspection points to ensure high accuracy

2.All the spare part are engraved with codes,convenient maintenance and repair.

detail 3.2 all spare part are engraved with codes

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