Tube Cartoning Box Packing Machine

This automatic horizontal cartoning packing machine is especially suitable for bag and bottle products with large specifications,and it high degree of automation,from feeding,suction carton,forming,on line transmission,folding of leaflet,material testing,products and leaflet pushing into carton,improves work efficiency.

Product Details


This automatic cartoning packing can automatically and quickly pack aluminum plastic board, electronic cigarette, facial cleanser, ointment, soft bag, bottle, powder, granule bag, condom, soft double-layer aluminum, gypsum, coffee, mask and etc.It high integration,this automatic horizontal cartoning packing machine can be connected with tail sealing machine,aluminum plastic blister packing machine,strapping machine according to customers
production requirements.


1.Intelligence is highly,the accuracy of loading is 100%

Three inspection were carried out in the packaging process of the products and instructions, and 100% of the unqualified products were rejected.

pare part of this machine adopt international famous brands, such as Siemens, Baker, Omron, etc.




2.Speed:30-125 carton/min


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