automatic tablet counter machine

Fast speed 98 bottles/min of RQ-DSL-16h series 16lane automatic tablet countER machine.Suit to range:tablet pill/size 0.3-2.5cm, 000,00-5# capsule(hard or soft type), candys and small items etc. Range of Fill is 1-88888 pcs/bottle.

Product Details

With meet GMP, Rich Packing co. ltd's tablet counter machine has very wide used all around to the world, and be strongly recommended by many pharmaceutical enterprise. 

Our's this model is the 8th generation of innovation. Developed from the original technologys,  16H counting machine is good to count tablets, capsule,pill and etc. 

16H has highly precision, fast speed and stable, Because  the machine use  one toone independent photoelectric controls.

16H can be used in many kinds, such as pack capsules (opaque  or transparent), tablets, etc. ,in the ranges of 0.30-2.50 cm. 

All our counter machine are meet GMP, is no doubt about for counting materials of dust, especially good for food or medical products.

machine's name

16H automatic tablet counter

numbers of  groove way


speed of capacity

457810 pcs per hour

Accuracy rate of 16H %


Filling range /bottle

1-9988 pcs

Applicate for target as

dia0.3-2.5cm Tablet pill   capsule size hard/soft : #000/1-5

suit for bottle

height 30.0-240.0mm, Φ2.50-11.0cm round/square bottle

its Voltage


Power /W


air Pressure


Air consumption

198.00L per min

volume data of Hopper 


weight of its


Outline dim.


tablet capsule counting machine

Richpacking has 28year plus product experience.

Provide Lifelong time mainten for counter machine.

Richpacking can provide overseas services for you.

tablet counter

 16lane tablet counter machine's structure like upper pic.

auto tablet counter

This counter machine use 1-1 independent detect-units.

capsule counter

The Modular design was designed for this new counter machine, 16H is easy to clean, maintain.

auto capsule counter

Full enclosed structure makes no dust into inside.

automatic tablet counter

Tablet counter machine's accuracy rate up to 99.979%!

automatic pill counter

The 3-stages vibrating tank can very easily to separate pill counting machine

Zero interference when machine work, streng platform structure. 

PLC tablet counter

PLC and FPJ makes 16H automatic counter machine high accuracy.

fast tablet counter

Bottlneck blocking won't happen to 16H counter machine.

GMP tablet counter

Our's eletric tablet counter machine hase good dust collection device.

counting machine line

counting machine factory

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