90 bottles per minute tablets counter

RQ-DSL-24 Automatic candy counter can autopmatically count many solid particles,such as tablets,capsules,pills,gummy bear and etc.Main machine made of stainless steel 304,capsules or pills contact part made of stainless steel 316,it fully meet the requirements of GMP.Machine speed can be 20-90 bottles per minute.

Product Details

RQ-DSL-24 tablets and capsules counting and bottling machine produced by Guangdong Rich Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd adopts the most advanced vibration multi-channel blanking method in the world,this model can automatically count all kinds of products,#000,#00,#0,#1,#2,#3,#4,#5 transparent hard capsule,non-transparent hard capsule,soft capsule,hard capsule,3-25mm gummy bear,tablets,pills,chewing gum and other solid granule products.Strict selection of raw materials,main machine adopts stainless steel 304,tablets and capsules contact part adopts stainless steel 316,meets the requirements of GMP.

>>The capsule counter is equipped with Siemens touch screen and emergency button, which can be stopped urgently when the machine fails, protecting the safety of the machine and the operator.

>>Good stability.Using the electronic counting technology of high dust resistance, it can still operate normally in high dust environment.

>>High integration.Can be based on the size of the customer site, output, front and back of  the process line control, improve efficiency, save labor.

24 channel tablets counting machine

capsules counting machine

24 channel capsules counting machine

capsules counter

details of tablets counter

capaules counter details

tablets and capsules counter

RQ-DSL-24 Capsules counting machine technician parameters:

Production capacity

20-90 bottles/min

Accurate rate

> 99.5%

Applicable material

Φ3~25mm tablets,pills, 000~5# hard and soft capsules

Loading Capacity for Per Bottle

2~9999 pcs

Applicable Bottle

10~500 ML round and square plastic bottle


220V 50Hz

Total Power

1.5 KW

Air Pressure

0.6 MPa

Gas Consumption



550 kg

Overall Size


details of counting machine

The counting machine is equipped with multiple sensors, and the machine will automatically stop under the following conditions:

1. When there is no bottle on the conveyor belt

2. When materials are missing


1. The machine must be cleaned after work every day and wiped clean with alcohol

2. Do not pour water directly into the machine

3. Machine maintenance, power must be cut off when cleaning, safety first

We professional in pharmaceutical machine such as the whole line of cartoning packing machine,blister packing machine,capsule and tablet counting machine,capsule filling machine,tablet press machine for near 27 years,that our all machine meets the requirements of GMP and obtained CE certificate and SGS certification.

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