Multistage Vibration Blanking Tablets Counting Machine

RQ-DSL-16 Multistage Vibration Blanking Tablets Counting Machine,capacity is 20-80 bottles per minute,machine adopts high-power photoelectric detection,accuracy rate can up 99.5%,which is higher than the industry standard.It can automatically count all kinds of products,such as capsules,tablets,pills,gummy bear and etc.

Product Details

RQ-DSL-16 counting machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries, counting capsules, tablets, granules and other drugs or food. The machine is small in size, light in weight, accurate in counting, and easy to operate. It is an ideal special equipment for counting of bottled, bagged and canned products in various related industries.

1.Automatic tablets counting machine

counting machine

2.Products suitable for electronic counting machine

>>The counting machine is equipped with an automatic lifting function, suitable for counting different kinds of bottles, and the height of the hopper can be adjusted, which is easy to operate.

>>The counting machine is equipped with multiple visual glasses, which can observe the counting and blanking of the counting machine throughout the process.

3.20-80 bottle per minute counting machine

4.Siemens touch screen tablet counting machine

5.stainless steel material counting machine


Technical Parameters



Suitable products

#000-5 capsule, soft capsule, Ø 3-25 table,shaped,sugarcoated tablet,gummy bear and Ø3-12 pill and other 


Production capacity

20~80 bottles/min


220V/380V,50HZ(Can be customized)

Machine sizes




counting filling line

12.Rich Packing information

13.workshop of capsules counting machine

certification of counting machine

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