Stainless steel tablets counting machine

RQ-DSL -16 Electronic counting machine is the fourth generation innovative product of our company. It can pack all kinds of tablets and capsules (transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules, pills, etc.) in the range of 3-20 mm.Meet the requirements of GMP, suitable for scientific research institutions, hospitals, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health products factory production packaging

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The electronic counting machine produced by Guangdong Ruiqi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts the most advanced multi-channel vibration blanking method at home and abroad, which meets the international GMP production requirements.Strong compatibility, wide range of applications, all kinds of tablets and capsules (transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules, pills, etc.) can be counted and canned.High counting accuracy: The counting accuracy is over 99.5, which is higher than the professional industry standard.Production capacity of this counting machine is 20-80 bottles per minute.

1.Automatic tablets counting machine


automatic counting machine

2.Products suitable for electronic counting machine

RQ-DSL series automatic electronic counting machine can be widely used in tablets, capsules, pills, transparent soft capsules, soft candy bears of various sizes and sizes. The counting and bottling accuracy rate reaches 99.5%, reaching the advanced level of the international similar series of machines.

4.The flip-flop mechanism of tablets counting machine







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