automatic lifting device tablets counting machine

RQ-DSL-16 This model is our fourth-generation innovative product. Can pack various tablets and capsules (transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules, pills, etc.) in the range of 3-20 mm.Machine body made by stainless steel 304,material contact part made by stainless steel 316.Meet the requirements of GMP, suitable for scientific research institutions, hospitals, large pharmaceutical factories of small and medium enterprises, Health product factory production packaging.

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RQ-DSL-16 Automatic tablets counting filling machine equipped automatic lifting device electronic counting machine,the flip-flop subassembly mechanism obtains the national patent, does not damage the material when opening and closing.This couonting machine is high integration,can be based on the size of the customer site, output, front and back of  the process line control, improve efficiency, save labor.And this tablets counting machien equiped with dust collection box, centralized dust collection, reduce pollution.

1.Automatic tablets counting machine

2.Products suitable for electronic counting machine

3.Tablets counting machine track

4.The flip-flop mechanism of tablets counting machine

5.Capsules counter touch screen







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