gummy bear counting machine

RQ-DSL-16 Automatic counting machine can automatically count #000-#5 capsules,3-25 tablets,pills,gummy bear and other similar products.It equipped high-power photoelectric detection,the accuracy more than 99.5%,which is higher than the industry standard.

Product Details

At present, with the development of science and technology and the development of society, people's lives are guaranteed, and the pursuit of quality of life is more pursued. People have higher requirements for food, and the snack industry is gradually rising. Like the Americas, people like to eat gummy bears, so the sales of gummy bears are the best. The gummy bear are filled in bottles, which is also done by our electronic counting machine.

1.Automatic tablets counting machine

counting machine

2.Products suitable for electronic counting machine

1.Main machine made of stainless steel 304,material contact part made of stainless steel 316,with stable chemical performance,corrosion resistance,non-toxicity and harmlessness.

2.Multistage vibration design.Large size, irregular, high viscosity materials can be effectively separated, accurate count.

3.Equiped with dust collection box, centralized dust collection, reduce pollution.

3.20-80 bottle per minute counting machine

4.Siemens touch screen tablet counting machine

5.stainless steel material counting machine


details of counting machine

counting filling line

certification of counting machine

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