8 channel capsules counting machine

RQ-DSL-8 Automatic capsules counting machine adopts high power photoelectric detection,the accuracy rate is more than 99.5%,which is higher than the industry standard.This capsules counting machine can automatically count capsules,tablets,pills,chewing gum,candy and etc.

Product Details

RQ-DSL-8 Automatic capsules counting machine produced by Guangdong Rich Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd,it can count #000,#00,#0,#1,#2,#3,#4,#5 standard capsule,3-20mm tablet,sugar coated tablet,pill,candy,button and other similar products.This capsules counting machine made of stainless steel 304,all materials contact part made of stainless steel 316,fully meets the requirement of GMP.

>>The machine is easy to operate and adopts intelligent design. The operator can operate the machine alone.

>>The spare parts of the this tablets counting machine are easy to replace and disassemble,only one hex wrench is needed to disassemble the whole machine.

>>Using the electronic counting technology of high dust resistance, it can still operate normally in high dust environment. 

1.automatic counting machine  

Tablets counting machine video link:


auto capsules counting machine


2.new design tablets counting machine

3.electric capsules counting machine

4.gummy bear counting filling machine

5.Siemens counting filling machine

6.tablets and capsules counting machine

RQ-DSL series automatic electronic counting machine can be widely used in tablets, capsules, pills, transparent soft capsules, soft candy bears of various sizes and sizes. The counting and bottling accuracy rate reaches 99.5%, reaching the advanced level of the international similar series of machines.

7.automatic pills counting machine

The tablet counting and bottling machine can be applied to bottles of different sizes, only need to replace and adjust 1-2 parts. Only one hex wrench is needed to disassemble the machine, which is convenient for cleaning.

RQ-DSL-8 Automatic tablets and capsules counting machine technician parameters:

Production capacity

10~30 bottles/min

Applicable target

#000-5 hard capsule, soft capsule, Ø 3-25 tablet,sugar

 coated tablet,pill,gummy bear and etc.

Filling range

2-9999 grains (tablets) adjustable

Applicable bottle type

10-500ml round, square bottle


380/220V    50Hz



Outline dim.(mm)


Guangdong Rich Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of pharmaceutical machinery,beside  automatic  capsules counting machine,also have automatic capsule filling machine,automatic rotary tablet press machine,automatic blister packing machine and automatic cartoning packing machine.

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