Siemens Touch Screen Tablets Counting Machine

RQ-DSL-12 Siemens touch screen automatic capsules and gummy bears counting machine adopts high power photoelectric detection,machine accuracy rate is more than 99.5%,higher than the industry standard.Machine speed can up to 15-40 bottles per minute.

Product Details

RQ-DSL-12 tablets and pills counting machine is the fourth generation innovative product of our company. This counting machine can pack all kinds of tablets,gummy and capsules (transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules, pills, etc.) in the range of 3-25 mm.Main machine made of stainless steel 304,material contact part made of stainless steel 316,fully meet the requirements of GMP, suitable for scientific research institutions, hospitals, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health products factory production packaging.


>>Good stability.This model counting machine is using the electronic counting technology of high dust resistance, it can still operate normally in high dust environment. 


>>High integration.RQ-DSL-12 tablets counting machine can be based on the size of the customer site, output, front and back of  the process line control, improve efficiency, save labor.

>>The flip-flop subassembly mechanism of counting machine is obtains the national patent, does not damage the material when opening and closing.

1.Automatic tablets and capsules counting machine

gummy bear counting machine

soft capsule counting machine

tablets coutning machine

RQ-DSL-12 Tablets and capsules counting machine adopts multi-stage vibration device, which can effectively separate capsules and gummy, with higher accuracy.This automatic counting machine is used high-power photoelectric detection,can  count high dust products without affecting the accuracy of counting.The photoelectric eye of the bottle has high precision, which can achieve the effect of no bottle and no blanking.

2.soft capsule counting machine

auto capsules counting machine

Most of the factories adopt horizontal close structure,may demage or crack the capsule or tablets.About our counting machine feeding structure,after feeding the tablets or capsules,using the device to close from the bottom to the top,can effectively advoid the damage to capsules or tablets.

4.Flip plate structure of counting machine

auto tablets counting machine

auto pills counting machine

auto gummy counting machine

lifting deviceof counting machine

9.elecrtonic counting machine

Tablets counting machine technician parameter:

Production capacity

15~40 bottles/min

Applicable target

#000-5 capsule, soft capsule, Ø 5.5-25 tablet,shaped,sugarcoated tablet and Ø3-25 pill

Filling range

1-9999 grains (tablets) adjustable

Applicable bottle type

10-500ml round, square bottle


380/220V    50Hz







Outline dim.(mm)


Besides counting machine,we also have other machine,bottle unscrambler,desiccant inserter,automatic capping machine,induction sealing machine,labeling,the counting machine can be connected with other machines according to the production requirements of customers.


Rich Packing information

workshop of capsules counting machine

10.package of tablets counting filling machine


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