Electric Visual Counting Machine For Candy

RQ-DSL-16H Siemens touch screen PLC control electric visual counting machine for candy and gummy bears counting machine, adopts one to one photoelectric detection eye, machine accuracy rate is more than 99.98%, higher than the industry standard. Machine speed can up to 80-100 bottles per minute/4600000pcs per hour.

Product Details

RQ-DSL-16H is the latest generation innovative product of Richpacking. 

On the basis of the original technology, modular design of the vibrating trough, pneumatic pusher, and pneumatic continuous blanking mechanism. 

The counting photoelectric adopts one-to-one independent control, which has higher precision, faster speed and more stable operation.

Can pack all kinds of tablets and capsules (transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules, pills, etc.) in the range of 3-25 mm. Meet the requirements of GMP. 

Can be connected with bottle unscrambler, paper inserter, desiccant inserter, capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine and labeling machine.

count tablet (4)

Capacity10-45  bottles/min20-105  bottles/min70-80  bottles/min80-100  bottles/min
Applicable targetTablet:Φ5.5-25mm      Pills:Φ5.5-25mm   Hard Capsule/Soft Capsule:000-5#
Outline Dim.(mm)1,400*1,650*1,6501,360*1,650*1,6501,200*1,550*1,7501,300*1,950*1,800

tablet capsule counting machine (1)

tablet capsule counting machine (2)

counting machine

tablet capsule counting machine (2)

16H counting machine 01

16H counting machine 02

16H counting machine 05

16H counting machine 03

16H counting machine 04

16H counting machine 06

16H counting machine 07

16H counting machine 08

16H counting machine 09

16H counting machine 10

16H counting machine 12

16H counting machine 11

Besides counting machine,we also have other machine,bottle unscrambler,desiccant inserter,automatic capping machine,induction sealing machine,labeling,the counting machine can be connected with other machines according to the production requirements of customers.


Rich Packing information

workshop of capsules counting machine

10.package of tablets counting filling machine


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