automatic pill counting machine

This pill counting machine has the highest output is 101 bottles/min.The capsule filling could bottle the range from 1 to 89987 per bottles. Suitable for various kinds of capsule pill sweetcandy from size 0.300-2.500cm, 000/00/0/1-5# capsule type.

Product Details

Rich Packing company's automatic pill counting machine has gained very wide adoption throughout the world, also many pharmaceutical factory were stronger recommended, and than meets GMPs.

This pill counting machine model's the 11th innovation generation. Due to the application of several innovative development technologies, compared with other granule counting machines, our products are more suitable for pharmaceutical and food granule counting.

This pill counting machine has good accuracy, high standard, high stability, the parameters of the whole machine are higher than the industry standard.

This pill counting machine can be used for a wide range of applications, such as sugar pills, chewing gum, quail eggs, coffee beans, and so on,include 3.000-25.000 mm in the range. 

Ours pill counting machine is suitable to GMP standards, meets the demands and requirements of many complex production.

pill counting machine's name

automatic pill counting machine

groove number


machine speed

max. 457920 pcs/hour

Accuracy of the machine


Filling range-bottle

1-98888 pcs

for target :

dia. 0.30-2.500cm Tablet pill, capsule size: 000/00/0/1-5#

for bottle size range

height:30.00to240.00mm, dia. 2.500to11.00cm round/square

Voltage of machine


Power /W




Air consumption

194.00L per min

volume data of Hopper 


weight of its


Outline dim.


tablet capsule counting machine

WE have 28+year experience of pharmacy packing production.

RQ Providing maintence for Lifelong time.

RQ can provide overseas services for customer.

tablet counter

The pill counting machine's structure like upper picture.

auto tablet counter

This pill filling machine use one versus one unit.

capsule counter

The pill counting machine using modular design, and so it can be easy maintain or clean.

auto capsule counter

Let's see the picture above, how well the architecture are!

automatic tablet counter

the Matrix layout make scanning detection high accurate!

automatic pill counter

The vibration frequency of the pill counting machine can adjuste, such as +- pill counting machine

Compared with other previous products, we have added the new stable platform structure.

PLC tablet counter

The data of machine will displayed on PLC in time.

fast tablet counter

Two blanking heads have no influence on each other to another, so can greatly improves the production speed.

GMP tablet counter

The hopper of lower has dust collect function.

counting machine line

counting machine factory

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