Meet GMP Requirement Counting Machine

The accuracy rate of 12 channel electronic counting machine is more than 99.5%,higher than the industry standard.This machine can packing all kinds of tablets,capsules,pills,candy,gummy bears,button and other similar products.

Product Details

RQ-DSL-8 tablets counting machine can count #000-5 capsule, soft capsule, Ø 5.5-25 tablet,shaped,sugarcoated tablet and Ø3-20 pill.This automatic electronic touch screen adopts Siemens brand with strong stability.The machine runs stably and adopts high dust-proof electronic counting technology, which can work stably under the condition of high dust.This series of electronic counting machine is optional dust box to collect dust and reduce pollution.

1.automatic counting machine design tablets counting machine

This automatic tablets and capsules counting machine accuracy rate of several canned grains is more than 99.5, which is higher than the industry standard.,use high quality raw materials,machine fully meet the GMP requirement.

Production capacity10-30 bottles/min
Accuracy rate≥99.5%
Filling range2-9999 grains (tablets) adjustable
Voltage380/220V  50HZ

3.electric capsules counting machine

4.gummy bear counting filling machine

5.Siemens counting filling machine

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