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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Maintenance And Repair

Jun 09, 2017

Automatic capsule filling machine maintenance and repair

The operator should be able to add a food grade lubricating oil to each refueling point each week, and the inner cam roller face is applied once a week to the food grade grease. The parts on the table are not allowed to be cleaned with the solvent of gasoline, kerosene, ethyl ether and acetone. The gearbox will be added in moderation every six months and the lubricating oil should be changed every two years (shell 68 # gear oil). The regulation and electrical parts must be flexible and reliable, and the machine is strictly forbidden to use hands or objects in operation. It is strictly forbidden to use hands during operation, touching the part of the device to prevent the danger. Each time the die is changed, the main motor handwheel must be switched on before turning on the machine, making the machine run 1-2 times. The machine should be operating flexibly, no abnormal resistance, before it is put into operation.