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About Blister Packing Machine

Dec 09, 2020

The blister packing machine is a device that forms a blister with a transparent plastic film or sheet, and seals the product between the blister and the bottom plate by heat sealing, bonding, etc. It is suitable for medicines (tablets, capsules), food, Blister type aluminum (PTP)/plastic (PVC) composite sealed packing for medical equipment, health products, electronic components and similar materials.

The principle of blister molding of    blister packing machine is that the rigid PVC sheet is heated and then passed through the mold and molded into blister of the required shape and size by compressed air.

     There are many kinds of blister packing machines on the market at present, with stable performance, complete functions, high automation, high production efficiency, can greatly save packing materials, and have a long life, which can greatly save costs for enterprises.

   Among them, the performance of the blister packing machine is mainly reflected in the heat sealing ability of the blister packing machine. The good blister packing machine has good drum-type heat sealing performance, stability, horizontal blanking without waste, and correct synchronization, which is deeply favored by users.

It is understood that the heat sealing of aluminum-plastic blister packing machine is divided into roller type and flat plate type. Among them, the plate type heat pressure sealing effect is better than the roller type heat pressure sealing, and the roller type heat pressure sealing is superior in speed and reliability. It is sealed by flat plate type hot pressing. According to the different needs of users, equipment manufacturers can often provide suitable design solutions.

    According to production experience, it is found that the aluminum-plastic blister packing machine is prone to problems in blister forming, hot-press sealing, blanking, etc. during use. These are the performance of unstable equipment and require manufacturing companies to pay attention and improve.

In order to improve the performance of the blister packing machine, some companies strictly manage the structure design, manufacturing and inspection, starting from the structure design, continuous improvement, and continuous improvement and accumulation of design and production experience, through standardization and standardized production, inspection and confirmation Whether the performance parameters of the selected blister packing machine conform to the production process, and the reliability and stability of the equipment in the production are proved through a series of instructions and data provided by the test, until the product indicators meet the process requirements and meet the GMP requirements. To the customer.

  In terms of the function of the blister packing machine, for users, equipment that costs less and produces more is the ideal equipment, which requires the equipment to have complete functions. At present, many blister packing machines on the market occupy a small area, low investment, multi-functional use, high efficiency, pollution-free, and low noise. They are widely used in purification workshops and hospital reagent rooms.

In addition, with the continuous development of automation and intelligent technology, the multifunctional blister packing machine has greatly improved its automation degree and has complete functions. It is suitable for capsules, plain tablets, sugar coatings, capsules, injections, special-shaped, etc., as well as medical devices and light Food, electronics

 The blister sealed packing of the components brings more value to users, improves production efficiency, and greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise.

  In general, with the rapid development of pharmaceutical and other industries, the blister packing machine will also usher in a broader development space in the future. According to statistics, the global pharmaceutical packing market demand will grow at a rate of 6% every year. Between 2014 and 2018, the pharmaceutical packing market in my country has grown at an average rate of 10.6%. As a member of medical packing, the blister packing machine has good development opportunities. However, the market is changing in an instant, and enterprises need to grasp the market trend and constantly update and upgrade their equipment.