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Adapt To Various Types Of Bottle Unscrambler

Apr 29, 2020

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With the rising price of society, the production and processing of many foods are essential for the sorting of bottles. Compared with manual bottle separation, the automatic bottle separation machine not only greatly improves the production efficiency, but also avoids the problems such as bottle pollution, irregular bottle separation and broken bottles caused by manual bottle separation, thus ensuring that the following process can be normal Conduct, such as filling, labeling, packaging, etc. Automatic bottle unscrambler has become an irreplaceable important mechanical equipment in packaging production line.

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of production capacity demand, China's filling, labeling, boxing and other links have gradually developed towards high speed and automation. This requires that the bottle descrambler needs to meet the requirements of high speed and automation, and ensure the quality of bottle descrambling. In order to better match the packaging production line. The author understands that there are many types of bottle cleaners on the market, including center-of-gravity bottle cleaners, water-floating baffle bottle cleaners, friction bottle cleaners, centrifugal bottle cleaners, etc.

First of all, let's take a look at the center-of-gravity bottle sorting machine. If the bottle is turned upside down, the center of gravity will be located on the upper part of the bottle, the center of gravity of the bottle will become unstable, and then the bottle will be turned upside down in the baffle to meet the upward requirement. However, this kind of bottle descrambler is not suitable for beverage bottles with little weight change, and may not meet the actual operation requirements. In the heavier glass bottle descrambler production line, the effect of the bottle descrambler is very good. An inverted bottle will appear.

In recent years, China's demand for food and beverages has been increasing, and labor costs have increased. China's fresh-keeping bottles will also have great market prospects. Although there are many types of bottle can clearers on the market and the efficiency of bottle can clearers has also been improved, after all, many bottle can clearer models still have certain defects. To this end, this requires that bottling equipment manufacturers continue to strengthen innovation and research and development, and continuously improve the overall performance of bottling machines to better meet the requirements of packaging production lines and ensure that the quality of bottle opening meets the user's production process requirements.