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Analysis Of The Structure And Application Of Double Color Sheet Press Machine

Apr 18, 2018

Analysis of the structure and application of double color sheet press machine

The double color tablet press is to press two different materials into one tablet, and the two materials are separated from each other and have distinct colors.To achieve the suppression of double color tablets, the structure of the tablet press machine is mainly designed and reconstructed for the lower guide rail, so that two times of filling and one time of shaping will be achieved. 

In the process of suppressing dual color film, the main situations are: 

(1)The contents of two kinds of materials on the same tablet do not meet the requirements.This is mainly because the adjustment system of filling is not adjusted well. First, we can adjust the content of one material first, and then adjust the content of another material. 

(2)The two kinds of materials for extruding tablets have the phenomenon of fragmentation, uneven hardness, one is hard material and the other is soft material.