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Analysis On The Function Of Components Of Blister Packaging Machine

Apr 24, 2019

Analysis on the Function of Components of Blister Packaging Machine


1. Alu-Pvc blister packaging machine fuselage: fuselage is mainly composed of frame and wallboard, which is the main body of the machine to support all other parts.


2. Alu-Pvc reel of aluminium-plastic blister packaging machine: it includes two parts: aluminium foil reel and plastic sheet reel. The drum is mainly composed of cylinder, inner and outer stators, brake rings and adjusting nuts. The two ends of the drum are supported on the supporting shaft by rolling bearings, which are the rotating parts of the drum. When the plastic film or aluminum foil is pulled, the drum is driven to rotate freely. The stator is divided into internal and external stators. The sliding sleeve is on the cylinder surface outside the cylinder, and is fixed at any position of the cylinder body by means of fixing screw. It is used to install and fix coils of different widths. The brake ring is mounted on the inner and outer cylindrical surface of the cylinder body and fixed on the support plate, which is the static part of the drum for braking the cylinder body. Tightening or withdrawing the four adjusting screws on the outer circumference of the brake ring can increase or decrease the braking force on the cylinder, so as to obtain the necessary tension force for the pulled film or aluminum foil. The adjusting nut is rotated on the supporting shaft and sleeved on the inner cylinder surface at the outer end of the cylinder body. It is connected with the copper body by a bearing. When the cylinder rotates, the adjusting nut can be rotated to realize the axial movement of the cylinder body and to adjust the transverse position of Zheng Material. The supporting shaft is fixed on the supporting plate, and the supporting plate is fixed on the machine body to form the supporting body of the drum.


3. Plastic-absorbing heater of aluminium-plastic blister packaging machine: Plastic-absorbing heater is mainly composed of arc-shaped hot box, far-infrared tube, supporting shaft, etc. The upper end of arc-shaped hot box is hinged on the supporting shaft, and can swing around the shaft. When working, it radiates heating material film close to the plastic-absorbing rolling mould, and when not working, it swings away from the plastic-absorbing rolling mould. The far-infrared tube is installed in the heat box, which is the heating element of the mechanism. The heat is regulated by adjusting the voltage of the two poles of the far-infrared tube through an electronic voltage regulator, so that the necessary softening temperature of the film can be obtained. The supporting shaft is fixed on the fuselage to support the heat box. The locator consists of a spring pull rod and a baffle, which are installed on the heat box and the fuselage respectively for positioning the working position of the heat box.


4. Bubble-absorbing and rolling die of aluminium-plastic blister packaging machine: The key parts of this machine, which cooperate with plastic-absorbing heater and hot-sealing mesh roll, have completed blister forming and hot-pressing sealing processes successively. This part mainly consists of rolling die, rolling die shaft, lunar valve plate and vacuum and cooling system. The rolling die is made of hard aluminium alloy with bubbles distributed on the surface and micro-holes drilled on the bottom of the bubbles. Through the connection of the lunar valve plate and the vacuum suction pipe, the plastic film passing through the suction section is heated and softened by radiation of the heater, and then absorbed into a bubble cover. The rolling die sleeve is mounted on the rolling die shaft, and is fastened by nuts. When changing medicine, the rolling die can be replaced by opening the sealing end cap and loosening the nut. The core of the rolling die shaft is provided with inlet and drainage channels. Cooling water enters the rolling die through the water channel and plays a cooling role.


5. Alu-Pvc blister packaging machine feeder: It mainly consists of material, material trough, disk brush, rolling brush and DC motor, etc. The material is used for storing drugs. Open the gate, the medicine enters the material waste by itself, and then brush the medicine into the formed bubble cap with three disk brushes rotating around the vertical axis. The three disk brushes rotate in planetary tracks to improve the filling rate of the feeder. The rolling brush rotates clockwise around the horizontal axis and is placed at the outlet of the feeder, brushing the medicine that can not enter the bubble cap on the film into the bubble cap or back to the feeder.


6. Thermal sealing mesh roll of aluminium-plastic foam cover packaging machine: hot sealing mesh roll cooperates with suction roll die to complete the hot sealing of film and aluminium foil. The hot sealing mesh roll is mainly composed of mesh roll compression spring, clutch device and bracket. Six heating tubes are installed in the mesh roll body. When working, the mesh roll is heated and melted by hot melting glue on the surface of the hot sealing aluminium foil. The square bearing at the end is placed in the sliding groove of the support, and the mesh roller is pressurized by a compression spring. When working, the mesh roll is close to the foam absorption rolling die, and the film entering the heat seal and the heated aluminium foil are sealed by hot pressing. Clutch device includes cam and fork, the cam rotates counterclockwise, the square bearing moves to the right through fork, the reverse compression pressure spring, the mesh roll will leave the bubble-absorbing roll. When no plastic film and aluminum foil enter or enter the heat seal at the same time, the mesh roll and the bubble-absorbing roll must avoid contact, otherwise it may damage the mesh roll and the bubble-absorbing roll die.