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Application And Maintenance Of 3D Packaging Machine

Jul 21, 2017

Application And Maintenance Of 3D Packaging Machine

Packaging is very important, which can provide protection for the product from the external environment pollution, the use of 3 d packaging machine can not only have very good protection effect, can also improve product of ornamental, increase the added value of it, its application will be gradually expanded to all spheres of society.

Daily maintenance of three-dimensional packaging machine:

1. Paint the machine surface once every three months to protect it.

2. Every day, it is necessary to take care of its surface and keep it from dust. 3 d packaging machine should be used correctly to avoid unnecessary trouble and ensure that the equipment is safe and normal operation.

3. The user needs to be familiar with the structure, performance, working principle and operation of the 3d packaging machine. The electromechanical department is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the sealing machine, and timely organizing personnel to troubleshoot equipment failure. The head of the workshop is responsible for the supervision. The operator properly USES the sealing machine and daily maintenance work properly. Do not put your hands on a high temperature cloth during the working process to avoid hurting your hands. When the operation is over, put aside those stuff not need to be used