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Application Of Automatic Hard Gelatin Capsule Filling Machine

Nov 12, 2016

Capsule machine and name capsule sets collection machine, and capsule fill machine, and capsule filling equipment, Siamese capsule machine is in capsule machine points body sets collection of based Shang, repeatedly improved and into of, Siamese capsule machine will cap arranged machine, and body arranged machine, and lock mouth machine three machine collection for one, reduced has volume and accounted for to area, Siamese capsule machine has capsule arranged fast, and production high, and efficiency high, and operation simple, and maintenance maintenance convenient, and power low many advantages, Siamese capsule machine powder filling needed artificial auxiliary, Siamese capsule machine is currently domestic hospital preparations room, and specialist hospital, and Clinics, institutes the first choice of capsule filling machines.

Automatic hard capsule filling machine used new side hanging type operation platform, new structure of 10 station full closed intermittent turned Taiwan, upper and lower template one-way movement security reliable, closed structure ensure products from by lubricants pollution, security meet GMP specification requirements. has stable, accurate, reliable, features professional Seiko manufacturing quality capsule filling machine, implementation 5S management, zero defects, efficiency high, operation simple, meet Pharmacopoeia and GMP standard, pharmaceutical, food factory, Institute, medical Liao institutions, big secondary college repeatedly compared recognized preferred, The professional manufacturer of automatic capsule filling machine, aluminum-plastic packaging machine, mini Al-plastic packing machine, capsule filling machine, capsule polishing machine for pharmaceutical equipment, suitable for pharmaceutical factory, hospital, lab experiment, health products such as unit-specific.